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Welcome to The Sentinel's guild site! We are a top-50 guild found in the [West] server of Vindictus.
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ZakeElsayed, Jul 29, 11 12:19 AM.
okay-we may have a merge-but i wont do anything without all of you agreeing to it, since this is our guild i want it to be our decision. Noodles will post info of the merge on a comment attatched to this, i want you all to comment on it and tell me what you think. VOTE UP PEOPLE

Titanic Shift is just around the corner guys.

Lilinna, Apr 18, 11 10:24 AM.

Anyway. Now that patch day is a couple days away what are you guys planning to tackle first?

Resenlian's Labyrinth?

Resenlian's Labyrinth apparently will bring 41 floors of pure lol for us to enjoy.
And Titan is our new Blood Lord, so new armor sets and weapons for some! So get to farming you 60+ mercs!


Nexon HAS noted that Titan will only be limited to ONE SUCCESS PER DAY. Which limits our farming. Boo :( Guess that gives us more time to get through the labyrinth.

Remember - If you want to set something up, remember the Guild Events forum is now up and running (see sticky) so get your buttbuddies together and run some stuff :p


With the whole staff revamp coming this patch, how many scythes are going staff? I'm curious to see who will change or stay scythe. (I know everyone's gonna be trying it though :p)

Well that's all I have to babble about. See you guys on Vindictus.

Guild events

ZakeElsayed, Mar 29, 11 4:25 PM.
To all members reading this, we may start taking in guild events.

We'll start with ideas like "the Lowbie lvl up event" every lvl u get for a lower members guildie will get you a prize (most likely $ or so)

Another idea is the he/she will die-he/she will own event. I bet placing event where u set up who you think will do good in a mission and who you think will die a horrible painful death...repeatedly (of course there will be alittle more to this event-and winner takes all)

And last but not least the "who'se ur daddy event" a dueling event. People can go 2/3 and the fighters would be able to partake in the event as well. They may only place bets on themselves winning though.

More events will be added

Such as guild farming times etc

We will add more detail into the events as soon as we get more feedback

Good luck guildies

Yay guild site

Lilinna, Mar 24, 11 10:55 PM.
SUP GUISE. FINALLY GOT A SITE SINCE ZAKE IS LAZY. enjoy this horribly made 5-minute MS paint picture i made on the laptop xD

March 25-27! Free tokens all three days!

Lilinna, Mar 24, 11 10:07 PM.
The Vindictus team (and about 1000+ facebook followers) comes through for us and gives us 3 days of free tokens! WOOO! It's assumed that it is all day for all three days since no time was stated, but it could be otherwise. Who cares though, still free tokens. GET TO IT GUISE.
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